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Interview Ron van den Beuken

On Tuesday 29 September 2009 23:13 CEST by Michel de Winter

Is it really necessary for DJ to have a musician education?
No i dont think so, but it's for sure it comes in handy to have such an education.

Because of the knowledge hearing the right combination in harmonical way of the records.

What does it give to you?
A better knowhow how tracks can be combinated or produced.

What percent of Netherlands Djs have such education?
I think most djs dont have such education, but that doesnt mean they aren't good dj's.

How does your creation (process) of music look like? What's the first stage, second...?
The first step i make is the rythm and the bassline. It needs a very good drive, which makes me play later the right melody on it.

In general how much time does it take to make good track?
It depends, sometimes you work many days on a track, but I have produced tracks that were made in 3 or 4hours.

How much time do you spend in studio a day/ a month?
I work about 7 hours every day in my studio, 4 to 5 days a week, if my weekend was heavy with gigs and traveling I also need some rest after.

What is more often situation:
you create easily, it’s drive, from the first time you get the best variant. Or difficult, you reject many variants before reach the right?
Also that is every time different, sometimes you find a good drive easy and the track will be finished soon, but I still think for me the drive is one of the important things, and when that is good, the melody and sound will be follow natuarly.

How do you feel the future hit when you work at new material?
I think you never can predict you are producing a hit, i just create what i think is good, and what i like myself, time will tell if the record will be liked by the people.

You have in your portfolio a lot of them. What're the ingredients of hit?
Good melody, with a good drive of bass and rythm.

How many people work at one hit? In your case? General situation?
Sometimes i work on my own, sometimes with two people or more.

Who's that guys (sound technician, producer.) Co-producer(s)?
The thing is that many musicians don't make composition by themselves from the very beginning or the very end.

Is it good or vicious approach?
I think, people/djs/producers should try to produce the music themselves, its a benefit that last longer.

It’s a benefit for whom for people or “people/djs/producers”?
I think for both.

From what point of view is it good to do all the track by oneself?
Sometimes two know moren than one.

Do they grow as profi or only in such situation it’s possible to make a real good prodact?
I think we all grow and learn every day, but I never garantees you will become proffesional producer.
It needs hard working, tallent, and of course some luck.

What do you think about different tops, awards?
I think it stimulates working in the industry. Its always nice to get credits for your work, and it tastes to more.

How Americans tops differ from Netherlands?
I just know that in holland they are just very good.

Ok, but if compare top global DJs made in America and top global DJs from the point of Dutch?
I think the tops/producers in Holland are just a little in front to other foreign tops/djs, they already produce such a long time trance music, and sometimes are mayby for 15 or 20 years in the scene.

Its just a fact.

Do international awards carried out in America (International Dance Music Award) agree with the real situation on international scene?
Mayby the difference is that things are carried out much bigger in USA, buti still think that the real scene at the moment is here in Europe.

Why do you think so?
Its just a thing I notice, new things in the trance/techno scene are mostely all developed here in Holland, and from here there is a very good professional industry that distributes new tracks and records that go all overthe world. Many countries, I think, are looking at the guys like, Tiesto, Ferry, Armin v. Buuren, etc, what new records are played by them.
I've heard that such ratings don't show the real situation.

What do you think? Why does it happen?
Ratings shows only the view of the people that votes and now about it. A DJ/Producer, with a good management and labels and promoters behind him will be voted always higher then a newcomer becausehe get more promotion. The best example is the DJ List and DJ Mag. How many people from Asia or Southamerica do real votes in comparison with people of UK and USA. The best example is this, how many DJs from Australia, Asia and Southamerica are popular in Russia. You understand now.

Whom from musicians will you grant the first place in your own rating?
I dont know any russian djs, though i think there are very good djs in Russia.

And what about the world Djs? Not Russians?
In what direction goes the world electro music?
Almost everything/combination of house/trance is being tried out, so we will see what future brings

What styles will we hear in future?
Time will tell

Could you foresee the club music development?
No i think nobody can.

What trend will dominate in European clubs in future? And now?
At the moment more and more house groovie things are growing, but it doesn’t mean trance or techno will
go down, the dancemusicstyle is just going up and down.

What music do people want to listen in clubs in our days?
Different, it goes from trance to techno to groove, so i think all directions.

Why did minimalism on electro scene become so popular?
Because it was a new thing, and people like that.

But now it’s not a new thing but people still like it. Why?
That’s always the question, some people just like what they like, and I, at the moment, am very happy with that.