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Artistname: Enqoder
Name: Martijn Jansen
Country: NL
Website: #

With his unique set of sounds enqoder is always searching for the deeper side of techno.
His live setup gives him the opportunity to experiment in the moment and create hypnotic dark techno that is different every time he performs.
Music has always been the driving force in my life.
My first steps in electronic music were creating patterns in FastTracker and from there i have developed my production skills to were i am now.
With a 4-deck traktor setup and the use of Ableton Push i'm able to create live-sets on the spot.
Every performance will be a unique experience.
I like my techno, dark, hypnotic and deep and i love to get lost in the moment.
MONOTONIC is a weekly show i host on mixcloud and a local radiostation.
Here i can grow as an artist and experiment weekly with my setup and music.

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